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Red Label

The Label Rouge is a quality label used by the French government to promote food or agricultural products that have been recognized for their superior quality, especially in terms of taste. Since 2014, The Scottish Salmon Company has had the honor of producing salmon proudly bearing the Label Rouge stamp.

Our salmon is raised according to the strict criteria of the Label Rouge:

  • Food made up of 51 % marine species
  • Low stocking density in the pens (1.5% fish for 98.5% water)
  • Total traceability of the salmon throughout the production process and up to the point of sale, for guaranteed origin and full compliance with rigorous production criteria
  • Freshness guaranteed by a use-by date of 10 days after fishing
  • Salmon raised according to codes of good practice, respecting the well-being of fish and the environment and in a sustainable development approach
  • Scottish Origin Guaranteed

staff inspecting salmon on processing line

Chez The Scottish Salmon Company, nos saumons doivent non seulement respecter les critères strictes du Label Rouge, mais également passer une inspection visuelle et manuelle avant leur conditionnement final. Chacun de nos saumons doit réussir ce test visuel et manuel pour recevoir le statut Tartan Salmon Label Rouge.

salmon with label rouge gill tag


Depuis 2014, The Scottish Salmon Company a l’honneur de produire des saumons portant fièrement l’estampille Label Rouge.



Les retours de nos clients indiquent que nos saumons Label Rouge sont davantage prisés que les saumons des autres fournisseurs.

aerial view of salmon sites


Tous nos saumons Tartan Salmon Label Rouge sont élevés en Écosse – Origine garantie.