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Tartan Salmon Label Rouge

A New Marque of Scottish Excellence

In 2018 Bakkafrost Scotland (formerly The Scottish Salmon Company) added the ‘Tartan Salmon’ trademarked brand name to our existing Label Rouge Salmon range. Customer feedback tells us that the quality and consistency of our Label Rouge Salmon are unmatched by any other producer. To help our customers differentiate our Label Rouge from other producers we will continue to promote our ‘Tartan Salmon Label Rouge’ packaging and sales support material.

Bakkafrost Scotland farm salmon exclusively in Scotland. Only salmon raised in the pristine waters of the Scottish Western Highlands and Islands, to the strictest Label Rouge standards of quality and freshness are accepted as Tartan Salmon Label Rouge.

Label Rouge

Label Rouge is the quality mark used by the French Government to endorse food or farmed products which have been recognised for their superior quality, particularly with regard to taste. Since 2014 Bakkafrost Scotland has been producing salmon which wear the Label Rouge gill tag with pride and honour.

Our salmon are reared according to strict Label Rouge criteria:

  • Minimum 50% marine content in feed
  • Low stocking density in sea loch pens of 1.5% fish and 98.5% water
  • Full traceability of the salmon throughout the production process up to point of sale, guaranteeing origin and compliance with the stringent production criteria
  • Freshness guaranteed by an ‘eat by date’ of 10 days after harvesting
  • Salmon reared in accordance with codes of best practice and with respect for fish welfare, the environment and sustainability
  • Guaranteed Scottish origin

staff inspecting salmon on processing line

At Bakkafrost Scotland not only do our salmon have to pass the strict Label Rouge criteria but also our own ‘Hand & Eye’ check before final packing. Every single one of our Label Rouge candidate salmon have to pass this ‘Hand & Eye’ test before they are awarded Tartan Salmon Label Rouge status.

salmon with label rouge gill tag


Since 2014 we have been producing salmon which wear the Label Rouge gill tag with pride and honour.



Feedback from customers suggests that our Label Rouge Salmon are prized above those of other salmon suppliers.

aerial view of salmon sites


All of our Tartan Salmon Label Rouge are raised in Scotland – Provenance Guaranteed